Flowery bby

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Meta Info

CREATOR ★ Mitzika
VERSE ★ Anthro Multiverse
THEME ★ Theme song + link
VOICE ★ Voice headcanon
Lines by ecto and coloured by Mitzika

Basic Info

NICKNAMES ★ Apila, Api
SPECIES ★ Anthro Canine/Feline Hybrid
AGE ★ 23
BIRTHDAY ★ 13th of October
PRONOUNS ★ She/her, They/them, He/Him




Shy, nervous bby
Works at a flowershop
Name meaning: Clover Flower


Rose Magnolia Rosenqwist

Employer & Employee

Rose is Api's boss.
Provides Api with emotional/general support when needed.

Apilankukka's thoughts on Rose
"She's very nice and understanding... I truly appreciate her as an employer and friend.."

Rose's thoughts on Apilankukka
"Api is a sweet little pup. I hope she'll be able to become more confident... or maybe even tell me what it is that's bothering her..."

Tanner Augustine Cottonheart

Friends to (eventual) Lovers

Former classmates, stayed as friends even after graduating.

Apilankukka's thoughts on Tanner
"He's very nice... I'm glad he managed to figure his identity out, he seemed so unhappy with himself back then.."

Tanner's thoughts on Apilankukka
"Api's still as sweet but anxious as ever... knowing what she's been through though, I can't blame her. She seems to be having some trouble figuring herself out, but I'll be here by her side whenever she needs it!"


By me


Original design

Lines by ecto, color by Mitzika


My Work

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GENITALIA ★ Puss + very small tiddy
NOTES ★ She's very insecure about her body, especially tits, compliments will pretty much make her cry


  • Compliments (although these may also make her cry (happiness/overwhelmed), so they have to be used carefully)
  • Pregnancy/Pregnant sex (if it ever came to that with a beloved partner)
  • Breeding (receiving) (only once she's with a beloved partner and has become more confident)

Soft limits:
  • Collars

Hard limits:
  • Bondage, including blindfolds and gags
  • Degredation/humiliation
  • Painplay
  • Bloodplay
  • Anything toilet-related
  • Anything that could cause harm to anyone involved
  • Ageplay

  • Missionary
  • Doggystyle (while getting pressed into the mattress)

Pet names (receiving):
  • Sweetheart
  • Darling
  • Honey

Foreplay (giving):
  • She'll try to do some licks and touching, but her partner will definitely have to do most of the work.

Time of day:
  • Morning

Toys (they have):
  • Lingerie (only used with trusted partners or if she's having a good day with herself)
  • A few small dildos

Dirty talk

She doesn't do dirty talk, may do some compliments/encouragement though. She can't handle raunchy dirty talk but sweet words/encouragement is always welcome.


It takes a while to get her to cum, but it's not ridiculously hard.
She tenses up a bit, shivering and twitching, letting out a long whine.




  • She has pretty decent knowledge, mostly about vanilla things.
  • Her partner will most likely have to guide her a bunch due to her nervousness.



  • She's certainly experienced sexual things... but most of it wasn't... consensual.
  • She never ended up loosing her virginity, but most other parts of her body have seen some... action.



  • She may be very shy about it, but she will initiate is she's in the mood.



  • She may occasionally be curious to try something new, but if her partner wants to try something specific, they have to make sure suggest it.



  • She straight up refuses to do anything risky.



  • It takes a bit to get her turned on, but once she is, one can get straight to business.



  • She tries to hide as much noise as possible, but if encouraged enough, she'll let out some noise.
  • She still isn't very loud though.
  • She mostly moans and whines.



  • While she can go for a while, she can only cum once before getting extremely overstimulated.
  • She needs to rest for a bit and usually isn't in the mood again for another ~30 hours.



  • She isn't very strong but isn't completely noodly



  • She stays pretty rational through most of it, but if she's pleasured enough, she'll let go more.



  • She'll never go past her partner's limits, even if it leaves her unsatisfied.

Potential Sexual Partners

Tanner Augustine Cottonheart

Friends to (eventual) Lovers | Canon (Eventual) Sexual/Romantic Partner

Everyday Dynamic

When not yet a couple, they occasionally meet and hang out when their work schedules let them. Usually they go to a café or a park or something.
Once they become a couple, they'd very soon realize how much they appreciate eachother and move together pretty quick.
A decade or so down the line they'd get married and eventually have a child or two.
Both of them would be very active in taking care of the kids and household.
Regardless of their relationship situation, they are very fluffy and sweet to eachother.

Sexual Dynamic

Tanner would end up (very sweetly and gently) topping Api every time.
They'd be very vanilla.
Aftercare is extremely important and will be provided in spades.

Their History

They've known eachother since they were kids, but didn't properly become friends before they'd started school and Tanner (back then Candice) defended her from some bullies.
They became even better friends once they entered vocational school (at this point Tanner had started considering transitioning as he didn't feel comfortable with his body).
Tanner had known since he was small that there was something off with Api's family, but she didn't tell him about anything before they were on their second year in vocational school.
To this day, Tanner is one of the few that knows about her... family issues.
Thanks to Tanner's help and encouragement, once they'd graduated vocational school, she filed and won a court case against her parents, leading to their imprisonment.
She felt a lot more at ease, but still guilty afterwards. Tanner helped her work through her emotions though.
He also suggested she'd go see a psychologist to help her deal with trauma/anxiety, but she refused, not wanting to talk about her traumas with a stranger.
At this point in time, they are both working in their respective jobs, but keep in contact regularily.

First time together

Their first time would be very slow and gentle, Tanner most likely having to calm her down a lot to avoid her having a panic attack.
Api would feel very guilty about it aferwards, but Tanner would make sure to tell her it's ok. He'd never want Api to feel like she can't back out of things or that she'd be in the wrong for stopping the act for any reason, especially something trauma related.


Eventually Api would get significantly more comfortable with being with Tanner, not having to fear having a panic attack in the middle of everything, and actually starting to properly enjoy sex for something else than just the physical pleasure.
Tanner would be very proud of her. He knows pretty much anything about what to do and what not to do with Api in bed at this point.
They sometimes try something new. Tanner was completely blown away the first time Api wore lingerie for him. He's still left nearly breathless when she does it.