A Good Green Bean

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Meta Info

VERSE Humanoid Multiverse
THEME Theme song + link
VOICE Voice headcanon
Art by KimeDoggo

Basic Info

AGE 24
BIRTHDAY 23rd of February




Doesn't leave home much
Takes care of some flowers, bushes and vegetables they have planted in their garden
Works part-time from home for a network/web security corporation
Very wise for his age
Feels responsible for his brothers (almost like a parent). Idris is trying to help ease the pressure of that
Takes care of most chores at home
Has long-since forgiven Idris for things he did when he was younger and is glad they have a healthy relationship now
He was temporarily completely blinded by an accident in chemistry class in school when he was 14. He regained eye-sight in his left eye a few months after, and will eventually regain vision in the other eye as well.
That accident rapidly kickstarted Idris and his relationship returning to normal




Cares for him a lot.

Ashe's thoughts on Lucas
"Lucas is my dear lil' bro. Even if mom and dad aren't home, I'll do my best to make sure he never feels lonely or without someone to lean on."

Lucas's thoughts on Ashe
"Ashe is my big bro! He's very nice and tall! :D"

Idris "Virus"


Cares for him a lot.
Used to have a strained relationship until Ashe's accident.
The strain had started from Idris feeling like their parents preferred Ashe over him. On good terms nowadays though

Ashe's thoughts on Idris
"Idris is my twin. What has happened between us or will happen in the future will never change that... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy about him bettering himself so much though."

Idris's thoughts on Ashe
"I'm glad we are able to operate like a proper family nowadays... I still don't understand how he was so easily able to forgive my past behavior though... I haven't even forgiven myself for that yet... At least I can try and help him feel less like a single parent when mom and dad aren't home...which is most of the time."


Art Fight 2021

By KimeDoggo

By me



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  • Missionary
  • Doggystyle (getting pressed into mattress)

Pet names (receiving):
  • Ashey
  • Biting (receiving)
  • Having his hands tied up
  • Praise (giving)
  • Nippleplay

Foreplay (giving):
  • Kissing. Lots and lots of kissing.
  • Caressing
  • Nippleplay
Soft limits:
  • Foodplay
  • Light choking
  • Soft limit here

Time of day:
  • Morning
  • Evening
  • Night
Hard limits:
  • Blindfolds (on him)
  • Hard painplay
  • Bloodplay
  • Scat
  • Emetophilia
  • Anything that could cause permanent harm to anyone involved

Toys (they have):
  • Nipple clamps
  • Toys/equipment here
  • Toys/equipment here

Dirty talk

He mostly does complimenting dirty talk, sometimes with a touch of mild humiliation/degredation. Receiving dirty talk of any kind immediately flusters him, or turns him on even more if he's deep enough into it already.


It's really not that hard to get him to cum.
He either screams or when muffling his noises, makes some of the lewdest moans imaginable.




  • He has a decent amount of knowledge on both kinky and vanilla things.



  • Has a decent amounth of experience.



  • Generally there's a 50-50 split on him and his partner(s) initiating.



  • He's pretty open to trying new things, even if he isn't super curious.



  • Actually quite willing to try riskier stuff, assuming he and his partner(s) are both up to speed about everything.



  • Quite easy to make him horny with just a few well place touches.



  • He's can get quite loud, but not too much so.
  • He tends to be quite vocal during sex.



  • He can keep going for quite a while.
  • He can cum on average 3-5 times and sometimes passes out almost immediately afterwards.
  • He needs a break for ~24 hours afterwards.



  • His physical strength is pretty average.



  • He stays mostly rational when topping, but loses himself quite easily when bottoming.



  • Extremely considerate of partner's limits.

Potential Sexual Partners

Idris "Virus"

Brothers/Twins | Non-Canon Sexual Partner

Everyday Dynamic

They generally just do their jobs, take care of Lucas and the household. It's not that different from their canon dynamic.

Sexual Dynamic

They mostly have sex when Lucas is off to school or something and they have a break from work, alternatively during the night/evening after Lucas has gone to sleep. They rarely do that though as they don't want to risk waking up Lucas.
Who tops?
If Lucas is at home, they don't do anything special, but if he's somewhere else, they can get a lot spicier.
If Idris is bottoming, they usually go a bit more gentle, while Ashe prefers to get a bit more roughed up.
They do pretty thourough aftercare every time, although sometimes they both just immediately fall asleep.

Their History

Their parents travel a lot (for work), so they were without parental guidance most of the time when they'd become teenagers.
Idris felt like their parents preferred Ashe over him, making start to become bitter, their relationship starting to sour. This combined with Idris hanging out with other delinquents at school did not help.
Ashe never disliked his brother in any way and just wished they'd be able to get along better.
The turning point for their relationship was after Ashe experienced an accident in chemistry lab and had to stay at a hospital for a few days.
It's when Idris realized how much he still cared for his brother, despite denying it repeatedly before.
Idris had to take care of both Lucas (who was still extremely young) and Ashe while he was temporarily fully blind, even having to take a break from school until their parents could return.
He actually ended up thinking a lot during that time and eventually ended pretty much breaking down in Ashe's hold, apologizing for being an asshole.
Ashe immediately forgave him, happy to have his brother back.
Once their parents returned after they heard about Ashe's accident, Idris was able to return to school again. He helped Ashe catch up during the few months it took for Ashe to regain vision in one of his eyes.
He also started having complicated feelings about their parents during this time. Still lvong them as parents, but also feeling bitter towards for them, feeling they weren't really doing a good job on the whole 'parent' thing.
Idris still regained some of his spiky personality, but significantly toned down, not really carrying any real negative intent anymore.

Once they'd grown up and gotten jobs, the vision in Ashe's right had made minor improvements, although he was still legally blind in that one.
At thispoint both of them had started getting awkward... thoughts about eachother. They weren't romantically interested in any way, but both had gotten curious about having sex with eachother.
They eventually gave it a shot, depite the awkwardness and feeling like they were doing something wrong, they ended up enjoying themselves and decided to do it more often.
They immediately agreed to keep it 100% under wraps though.

First time together

Their first time was when Lucas was at a slumberparty over at a friend's house and felt very awkward and in some ways wrong to them, but they ended up enjoying it anyway.


They've gotten a lot more comfortable with being with eachother after the first time. They are still just as careful and secretive about it though.
They are still very much brothers and are not interested in eachother romantically, even if they may sound like it during sex/aftercare.
They have tried a lot of things since then, some being a hit, so a miss.