The Tin Collection

Site created: 12.8.2021


Finally finished updating all the current character profiles with new code. ;w;

Doing more code updates to make the character pages look better etc.

Started updating character gallery code to look better and use less code, as well as editing some parts of NSFW info code to look better.

Added page for Nya.

Fixed a link and added page for Boreas Rimebringer.

Finally finished updating the code for all the current characters! ;D;

Continuing with code updates etc. Also added a favicon!

Added a few characters, art and updated coding over the past few weeks.

Updated Adelia's profile with an NSFW section (below the NSFW gallery).
Most characters will end up getting NSFW sections as well once I get around to updating their codes.
Updated the Home page's navbar. It's a thick boi now.

Added character profile page
for Puna a few days ago (just forgot to update).
Started adding a revamped layout to all
character profile pages.
Added link to upcoming Terminology page (WIP).

Added character profile pages
for Myrtle, Sirius, Su, Farmer!Tin,
Beach farm!Tin, Moon Knight and Apfel.
All of my main OCs have finally
been added to the site! ヽ( ╥ω╥)ノ

Added character profile pages
for Peregrine and Sysi.
Added art and fixed a link.

Added character profile page
for Nyx.
Added Kirby OCs character category.

Added NSFW art for Tin.
Started transferring art hosting
over to Squidge instead of

Added character profile pages
for Itzal, Lace, Nebulus and Nocturne.
Added original creators to profiles.

Added character profile pages
for Laventeli, Adelia, Aleksei,
Aqil and Ashe.
Added custom scrollbar.
Added Toybox/Adopts section.

Added character profile pages
for Sidi and Seal.
Added a few images to Dark and Tin.

Finished character profile pages
for Tin and Dark.
Added Links & Credits page.

Finally figured out how to go about
the character page layouts.

Welcome to The Tin Collection

Really, I just decided to learn to code just to make a character storage site for myself.

This site will contain NSFW aka adult aka 18+ content, as well as mature themes and sensitive/tabboo (fictional) content, so viewer discretion is advised.

Should go without saying, but I obviously don't endorse doing stuff that one may find hot in fiction in real life.
Hot yaoiz, don't flame, don't like don't read etc.

This is a safe space for all fictional interests. No judgement or cringing allowed.

All graphics on the site are made by me unless otherwise specified! Credit if using (NOT for commercial use)!
Do NOT use character art!

Buttons 'n stuff

I'll try to link back to the websites
I found the buttons on (click the buttons).


Lil' fellas I've 'adopted' from other peeps. Click them to see where they came from.