Credit where credit is due.


Various links. Some for fun stuff, some for useful stuff.


The site this site is coded and hosted on!

For an amazing amount of tutorials on all kinds of code. I would probably have given up half-way through coding this site if not for this one, so check them out!

Project of the Internet Archive to preserve GIFs used on old Geocities websites!

Internet Archive
Speaking of the Internet Archive, a non-profit "digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form". Dedicated to preserving websites etc. in order to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge.

"A site directory created on Neocities for Neocities, aiming to make finding sites relevant to your interests easier." They have plenty of links, I'll tell you that much.

Site for image hosting. Allows both adult and fandom content! I'm using the site to host all character art.

SadGrl Online
A site that promotes working towards a better internet and has a bunch of cool stuff on it. Highly recommend checking it out!


Dollz Mania Doll Makers 2021
Site dedicated to archiving oldschool dollz stuff. Has links to functioning dollz makers!

Make a sparkly galaxy in your browser.

A website of a Finnish artist who's been posting for over a decade, I'm pretty sure. Personally I remember them from their original comics as well as their Ginga Nagareboshi Gin/Ginga Densetsu Weed and Left4Dead parody comics. Very nostalgic for me personally.

Links to sites of the original kaoanis' creators!